Team Acute Rehab Thank you

Thank you, Dignity Health Acute Rehabilitation Center,

I might have forgotten names, but I have not forgotten you, After my neck surgery, a life changing event indeed, your skills and amenities were tasked with facilitating my recovery by helping me find the ends of my extremities. My fingers, besides being weak, I had lost touch with–literally.  The things that I took for granted, holding and eating utensils, buttoning my shirt, and tying my shoes had to be relearned. Getting out of bed, walking and climbing stairs, taking a shower all had to be put back into my bag of tricks.

I have observed that no one likes physical therapy, and it seems the older you are the less you want to play in their reindeer games.  I’ve also noticed that the PT’s are aware of that resistance, funny thing is they don’t care – at least mine didn’t.  I was told that I would be in their care for approximately three weeks to a month. Had she not pushed me, I would have been there for the duration, but I was only there for two weeks.

To the doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and of course the physical and occupational therapists, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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