Dr. Nicholas Slimack Neurosurgery

The one guy that I worked very hard to get in front of my camera before I retired, but was without success. The man whose office probably thought that I was some kind of groupie stalker for surgeons. I did everything but run behind his car and pound his window.  Dr. Nicolas Slimack is the Neurosurgeon who corrected what could have otherwise been an unwelcomed confinement to a wheel chair.

Early September of 2017 in a matter of three days I began to lose the ability to raise my hands, feed myself, move my fingers, and walk.  When Graciela Ambrosio, a Mission Hope Medical Assistant happened to notice my condition, she alerted Dr. Dichmann, who then relayed it to Dr. Slimack.  The following evening I was in surgery, the day following I was able to feed myself, wiggle my fingers, and lift my hands above my head. 

Before I was rolled into surgery, I was optimistic about my recovery, even though Dr. Slimack said there is a chance that this surgery wouldn’t correct the symptoms. I was certain that I would be back to work, back to driving, possibly swinging the clubs.

He’s a great surgeon, God put Dr. Nic in my path, there is no doubt about it, and I am forever grateful.

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