My Thanks to Coastal Radiation Oncology

As I’ve considered the many individuals and services that have contributed to my well being, there is a team of care providers that I failed to reach out to. They were a group of people who recently came to mind.  People who (to me) worked behind their own highly technical veil, largely because of the radiation that they were administering.

Coastal Radiation Oncology is a place that for all intents and purposes with their huge radiation dispensing apparatuses could have been a very cold place, it was everything but. 

Dr.Case Ketting’s staff was on the front line of my recovery. The care they provided was a genuine reassurance of a safe and conscientious environment as is indicative of the vibrant tropical Art work along the walls, and the piped in soft music.  As I spent a good deal of my trips on a gurney I recall being treated to serene imagery on the ceiling – they thought of everything.

The two nurses who were responsible for positioning me, and delivering the radiation to the exact location, were first concerned for my comfort, and secondly, the assurance of my safety. My regret is that my engagement with Dr. Ketting and his staff was not at the level as with the rest of those at Dignity and Mission Hope.  I am grateful for the care they provided me

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